going bananas

No, really, I would be going bananas here if I didn’t have the kitchen to keep me sane (and my fiance, of course). Things I’ve learned since moving to the desert surrounding Twentynine Palms, CA- there’s not a whole lot to do here (except bake) and the desert is a weird place. If you’ve been to the desert, you know what I mean. If you haven’t been to the desert, come see for yourself. You’ll understand.

Tonight I threw together some banana bread using the recipe provided through the link below. I know what you’re going to think as soon as you read it- SOUR CREAM IN BANANA BREAD?! Guys and Gals- let me tell you all. This banana bread recipe is a game. changer. Believe it. Or I would recommend finding out for yourself. That also works. 😉

I bake. A lot. Hence the blog. Given that I bake a lot and it’s just my fiance and me, I like to make things easy to pass out to other people, i.e. at work. That’s why I prefer to use a mini loaf pan for this recipe. To use a mini loaf pan versus a regular pan- there’s no need to line it with parchment paper, simply spray it with whatever cooking spray your little heart desires. Keep the oven temperature at 350 and for cooking time it should be around 18 minutes.

Next, can we talk about the ripeness of the bananas?! If any of you reading this have never made banana bread before- if you take anything away from this I really hope it’s that you need your bananas R-I-P-E for a good banana bread. I’m talking on the verge of inedible ripe, like if you have people over they’re commenting in their head about why you have rotten bananas on your counter, ripe (see photo below). If you don’t prefer keeping bananas for two weeks to get them that ripe- there’s a secret that I will happily share with you all. Set your oven at 400, separate bananas onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake for 10 minutes or until the outer skin of the banana is a shiny black, and you are good to go my friends! Be sure to keep an eye on your bananas in the oven because cooking times may vary and they can easily be over cooked with this method.

I also wanted to take a second and show you all that there is no state of the art kitchen behind this blog. I don’t have a large fancy kitchen with a double oven. I don’t have granite counter tops. What I do have is 1970’s Tupperware, that was passed down to me from an Aunt, that I’ve been baking with since I was old enough to ‘help’ in the kitchen. I have a small Kitchen Aid mixer and huge heart for baking and the simple things in life. There is nothing fancy about this.

That’s all for now, folks. Go make some banana bread!

Banana Bread Recipe



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